Jagers & Associates is a 100% black female owned organisational psychology consulting firm, that prides itself in cultivating business growth through in-depth understanding of human and organisational behaviour. With a heart for people and a mind for business, we believe that happier employees lead to greater productivity. Thus, we offer human capital solutions that are people-centred, and business focused.

We are flexible, adaptable, future-focused, and a trusted partner to whom clients can turn to. We provide business and employee development solutions through our training and consulting resources. Moreover, we offer professional industrial psychological advice and services based on our experience of the world of work and our understanding of underlying psychological and behavioural principles.

Our services span across a range of human capital solutions which includes learning and development, organisational strategy, talent management solutions and psychometric assessments.


To be a valued partner to our clients and an asset to the South African business communities.


To understand the unique needs of each client and offer the most comprehensive human capital solutions using highly skilled and trained consultants. 



We are people-oriented. We care deeply about our people, partners, clients, and the communities to which we belong.


We challenge the status quo by looking beyond the present, to deliver collaborative innovation and future-value for businesses across South Africa.


We are passionate and dedicated organisational psychology consultants, who strive to make a meaningful and long-lasting impact in the world of work and society at large.


We promise that we are committed to the success of our clients, partners and our business. We are self-motivated, reliable and dedicated to serving our clients in a professional capacity. 


We develop differentiated capabilities in various areas to gain our clients highest level of confidence, and ensure that each client is treated with care and respect at all times.


Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

The contemporary world is filled with chaos and has disintegrated into many beliefs where the sole belief of humanity and compassion is lost. As a Psychometrist and Industrial Psychologist with a heart for people and a mind for business, my goal is to put the ‘human’ back into human resources.

My name is Leizel Jagers-de Kock, and I am the proud founder and managing director of Jagers & Associates Consulting. Over the past years I have developed a passion and interest in industrial psychology, for the reason that it explores human behaviour in a unique way, specifically in the context of the working world, focusing on employee well-being, adaptation, development and optimising the quality of work-life balance or what I’d like to call “work-life integration”.  My interest in understanding the human mind and associated human behaviours has been greatly enhanced through working in the field of IOP and HR, and has taught me that there is much more to human behaviour, and what we see and observe is merely the tip of the iceberg. My exposure to diverse working environments, including industry, research, clinical and educational has harnessed my ability to better understand and assist organisations and teams, and in essence provide human capital solutions that are aimed at growing and transforming South African businesses.

Jagers & Associates Organisational Psychologists Leizel Jagers-de Kock



Our learning and development programmes stem from many different disciplines to build greater organisational growth and success.


Through innovative and specialised strategies, we offer a variety of tailored organisational development solutions that caters to your unique business needs.  


The implementation of an effective talent management plan will enable your organisational strategy through your employees. This will ensure that the organisation effectively addresses its business goals and needs to improve organisational performance and overall success.


Through psychometric assessments, individuals can better understand themselves and organisations can better understand the person behind the employee, by knowing what their individual abilities, personality traits, values and interests are. Further to this, we use valid and reliable psychometric assessments classified by the Health Professions Council of South Africa, which ensures fairness to all test takers regardless of their cultural background, socio-economic status and language.